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Vilhelm von Thorheim / Nov 05, 2020

Hello friends! Quick little update for you guys, we've blasted into t13 progression! We've cleared the Ree and Rujik, we've slapped Blazewinds flaming ass. Alvendil is now our official first Jyre tank (big congratulations!). Progress is going v...

Vilhelm von Thorheim / Oct 07, 2020

A quickie News Update! The first 5 Tribes in Tur'Ruj are now on farm status. We've pushed into World Bosses (killed some flaming Spider fucker), breached the halls of Sanctum and killed up to and including, the Custodian! There's also a second r...

Vilhelm von Thorheim / Aug 28, 2020

We've been churning! The salacious slut Saitha has felt our fury, and disappointed us with loot multiple times! Spires is on a comfortable farm status, and we have begun to push into Tur Ruj (2 Tribes down, multiple infuriating momets). Pretentiou...

Mission Statement -
Pretentious is a casual progression guild. Our goal is to find like-minded & enjoyable people to progress our characters with.